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Brazilian Storm in Portugal

Brazilians really feel at home in Portugal. Therefore, it is not strange that they won the two WSL events that happened here this year. First, Samuel Pupo, younger brother of Miguel Pupo, won the QS 10.000 EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira at Ribeira D'Ilhas, in the biggest win of his career. With this result and the two 9th places in Pantin and Azores, he totally turned his season around and won 30 spots on the QS leader board, jumping to 9th place.


Following it was Italo Ferreira's turn to win the 2019 Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal, in Peniche, just like he did last year. He gave a real show during the whole contest but the final was actually epic. In his first wave, boom: a gnarly full rotation for a perfect 10. After that he kept having fun and didn't have many difficulties to beat Jordy Smith. Now he is on top of the leader board and can be world champion in Hawaii without depending on anyone else.

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