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"Truly Rat" - Luiz Francisco x Volcom

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Luiz Francisco is famous for his skateboarding in transitions, but what a lot of people don't know is that he actually started skateboarding in the streets. With the idea to bring Luiz's roots to an audiovisual project, the crew from Volcom Brasil invited me to start a two-month filming with Luiz in and around Sao Paulo, in Brazil.

It was a good opportunity to spend some time in Brazil, see my family and friends and work on a project with one of my favorite skateboarders and brands. I've worked with Luiz before and we always had a good flow together. It wasn't different this time: we had a lot of fun, despite the pressure of filming a project 100% in the streets in a short deadline. The video also has some tricks from his teammates Biano Bianchin, Giovanni Vianna and Ragueb Rogerio.

Photos: Allan Carvalho, André Laiza, João Fenope and Octavio Scholz.

I also edited a raw cut for Black Media that shows some more of the sessions and it also has some tricks that didn't get in the final cut.


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