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Europe Trip

They say that life starts when you get out of your comfort zone. That's one of the reasons I came to Europe right after I graduated at the end of the first semester last year. I wanted to travel somewhere I had never been before with an only-way ticket, my camera and without any plans. And here I am, after almost 6 months, 3 countries, a lot of adventures, amazing places, and good people.

I went from Brazil straight to Barcelona, the skateboarding paradise. I was lucky to find two Brazilian friends who gave me space in their small apartment at Raval for me to sleep with the inflatable mattress. I spent around 40 days there and had an awesome time, meeting new people, skateboarding, filming, and enjoying the end of the summer at the beach. Here are some photos and couple videos produced in "Barna"!

When my two friends had to rent a new place to live, I decided to go to Portugal. I spent a week in Lisbon, at my friend's house, and then I went to Ericeira, a surf paradise 40 minutes away. After two really fun months there, I came to Italy, in a small city near Milan, spending the cold winter in this beautiful country that is tied to my roots. And that's the way I intend to continue... living one day after another and seeing where life takes me. Enjoy a little bit of Portugal and Italy in the gallery below!

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