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Blaze Day Lisboa - "The Last Day of Freedom"

Updated: May 13, 2020

Sappo Distribution is the Portugal based distributor of Blaze Supply and Honey Pot Wheels, two genuine skate brands with roots in France and Brazil.

In 2019, the first step of the company was to find a Portuguese skater to join the Blaze Team and that's how Duarte Pires crossed its paths. The "gajo" fits perfectly on the concept of the brand and besides his skills, he is a really nice person.

In 2020, they presented the "Blaze Day Lisboa". The event occurred on March 11th, 2020, aka the last day before quarantine, that started with a sick best trick at Praça da Figueira - a classic spot in Lisbon - and it finished with the premiere of Duarte's Introducing Part to Blaze Supply, at Vizza Pizza Bar.

Check out the videos and the photos of this truly amazing day! Filmed by: Octavio Scholz, Bernardo Moreira and Murilo Pia. Edited by: Octavio Scholz / Photos: Octavio Scholz and Murilo Pia

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