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7 Irmãs x Social Weed Co

7 Irmãs is is a project idealized and led by fantastic women, who are responsible for the cultivation of industrial hemp in Sintra, located in Serra da Lua.

The project's mission is to be part of the reactivation of hemp planting and to inspire other producers in the country. Focused on the local market, the project stands out for the complete use of its plants for the production of artisanal products, such as oils, creams, alchemy used in holistic therapies, fibers and fabrics, among others.

By bringing to the public a huge variety of possibilities for the use of hemp, and exemplifying different applications of the plant in daily life for local communities, 7 Irmãs takes on a very important pioneering role both in raising awareness about Cannabis Sativa L. (Hemp), but also around the search for balance and empowerment of communities, for promoting autonomous activities that generate economic opportunities and are also more self-sustainable.

I had the pleasure to shoot this project for Social Weed Co, an audiovisual collective focused on Cannabis content.

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